This is a wiki for the mobile rhythm game ARIA ~AQUA RITMO~, released in on JP Google Play on Jan 15, 2016.

Welcome to the ARIA ~AQUA RITMO~ Wiki

This is a wiki for the mobile rhythm game ARIA ~AQUA RITMO~ created by HarvesT, released on JP Google Play on Jan 15, 2016 and on the iOS App Store on Jan 28, 2016. You can follow ARIA ~AQUA RITMO~'s official Twitter for quick updates, and check the HarvesT homepage for official recent notices.





Useful links: Japanese Wiki, Japanese Blogging/News Site

Things in need of attention: All Event Data, Profile data for each character, Getting Started, Exp tables, Song List rewards

Timeline of Events and Gacha

Event Date/Time (JST) Type of Event Wiki Status
episode passato (1st story) 02/10 18:00 Story Installed ?
Addition of Costumes

(Valentine + Alicia's Work)

02/12 Costume Addition Added, I think
episode presente (2nd) 02/23 18:00 Story Installed No Info
Story #2-1 Commemoration 02/23 18:00 ~ 02/25 14:59 Gacha UR rate x2 No Info
Permanent Special Songs 02/25 15:00 ~ Special Song Not Complete
SPECIAL Medal + Petit Drop 02/25 ~ 03/02 Special Song No Info
Buy Bonus Campaign 02/28 ~ 03/01 Buy Bonus No Info
New Normal Songs 02/29 Song Addition Mostly complete?
ARIA President Sakura Costume 03/03 ~ 03/11 Costume Addition No Info
Anya Off-style Costume 03/11 Costume Addition No Info
episode presente #2 03/16 15:00 Story Installed No Info
Profile + Friends Update 03/18 Feature Addition No Info
Buy Bonus 03/27 ~ 03/31 Buy Bonus No Info
Off-Style Gacha Comeback! (3x UR) 04/12 18:30 ~ 04/18 14:59 Gacha No Info
Monthly Undine? 04/30 23:59?
Buy Bonus 04/28 ~ 05/01 Bonus
Buy Bonus 5/31 ~ 6/2 bonus
Aqua Gacha renewal 06/02 15:00 ~ Gacha change
Special Song added (rain, profile, gold) 06/02 18:00 ~ song addition
ordeal of undine addiiton 06/04 feature addition
gondola practice FP changed 6/10 feature change
miracle clip - 3rd gen single costume 06/15 shop addition
buy bonus 6/30 ~ 7/3 bonus
episode presente #3 7/29 story addition
buy bonus 7/28 ~ 8/1
aqua stone login bonus 8/9 ~ 9/1 login
aqua stone reduction campaign 8/19 ~ 8/23

Pages to be made/organized: Game mechanics--managing cards, team building (menus need translation, mechanics of finding an optimal team?), Earning Coins/FP/Aqua Stones, News, Stages (explain navigation, rewards you get, what is HSP, etc.).

In Progress by me: Card List, all characters -- cards only, making/organizing the pages listed above

Help always welcome (not urgent) in:

Tips and Tricks, Forums!, Fixing errors/formatting
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